In many places, snakes can be seen frequently, especially in the warmer months. It’s also not unusual for dogs and snakes to come into contact. Although   the   majority   of    snakes    are   benign,  a   few  kinds  are  poisonous  and can kill people as well as pets. It is imperative that we take precautions    to    keep our dogs safe from potential snake threats as responsible pet owners. To help keep your beloved buddy safe, consider the following dog and snake safety advice:

Be Familiar with Snake Species
Learn about the different kinds of snakes that live in your area, particularly the poisonous ones. When out with your dog, do some research on common snake habitats, behaviors, and traits to assist you recognize any hazards and take the necessary safety measures.

 Use a leash on your dog
Always keep your dog on a leash when hiking or walking in places where snakes may be present. This keeps your dog under control and keeps them from getting lost and possibly coming across a snake. Keep your dog close to you and don’t let them explore rocky or densely vegetated places where snakes can be hiding.

Continue on Trails That Are Designated
When walking or hiking with your dog, stay on authorized routes and paths to reduce the likelihood of coming across snakes. Steer clear of rocky outcroppings, dense vegetation, and thick grass where snakes might be hiding. Stay in open spaces where sight is strong and be alert for any indications of snake activity.


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